Attention, please: Numbers! The fascinating world between zero and infinity

1. Februar to 20. July 2008

The HNF is preparing another big special exhibition, set to run from 1st February to 20th July, to mark Germany´s Year of Mathematics in 2008: "Attention, please: Numbers! The fascinating world between zero and infinity". Visitors will be able to experience a highly thrilling and always entertaining tour of the world of numbers covering 700 m² of floorspace. The focus in the ring of the Number Circus is firmly on a hands-on approach to arithmetic. The exhibition provides an insight into games of chance, reveals whether animals can perform calculations and explains how sums were done in earlier ages and by different peoples. And maybe The Count from Sesame Street will even pay a visit! The popular exhibition will not only appeal to school classes of all ages, but to everybody with an interest in numbers. It will be accessible to all and attractively designed. There will be numerous opportunities to explore the fascination of numbers in hands-on fashion. 

Brochure of the exhibition