Digging Deep – hidden treasures from the museum's warehouse

23 February to 5 August, 2018

Museums such as the HNF collect cultural objects all the time in order to research and exhibit them, as well as to preserve them for posterity. However, not all of these objects can be presented in the permanent exhibition. The museum’s warehouse currently houses several thousand objects – all of them hidden away and inaccessible to the public. Our curators have delved deep and chosen 70 exhibits for presentation in a special exhibition: Objects spanning various eras of office and computer technology, none of which have so far appeared in the permanent exhibition, will be presented across 600 m² of floorspace. Rather than being exhibited in their historical context, the objects will be arranged artistically into six themed rooms, enabling visitors to view the objects from an entirely new perspective, dissociated from their original function. Design, oddities, technical and commercial flops, and special accolades were the main focus of the curators on their journey of discovery. The exhibition features the following artistically themed rooms: •    Treasure Trove – curiosities and precious items
•    Copies and Opportunities – computers from the East
•    Form and Function – Nixdorf raises the bar
•    Big Minis – diminutive systems that packed a punch
•    Flops – failures in the world of IT
•    Retro Room – computer games of yesterday

Admission to the exhibition is free.

Guided tour »What shall we do with it?«

At home, the answer is easy: “Just put it in the cellar”. But museum objects either find their way into an exhibition or are placed in the warehouse for safekeeping. So, what criteria do museum curators use when deciding what to collect, preserve, research or exhibit for educational or other purposes? Our museum guides get to the bottom of this profound question and take a look at the fundamentals of museum work. They unearth the stories behind previously hidden treasures, valuable rarities and a host of curiosities from the HNF warehouse, thus providing insights into the everyday work of a museum.

Duration: approx. 1 hour  |  Languages: German, English
Cost per group: Tues to Fri 35 euros and Sat/Sun 45 euros
Max. 25 persons

Bookings: Phone 05251-306-660 or by email to service(at)hnf.de

Free public guided tour: Sun 4 pm