Lucky numbers

Almost no subject in the world of numbers is as fascinating as that of lucky numbers. Numbers and chance are inseparably linked. This section of the exhibition extends from random numbers via conventional games of chance all the way to the art of card shuffling. Its centrepiece is a roulette wheel, a symbol of the power exerted by numbers over fortune. The roulette wheel is surrounded by historical and topical exhibits alike. A large collection of dice is on display alongside a selection of historical dice machines designed to eliminate the human factor when rolling. The probability distribution in roulette is demonstrated, as are both legal and illegal means of giving luck a helping hand. A substantial area is devoted to the Germans' most popular game of chance. Historical lottery drawing machines rub shoulders with a present-day machine. Visitors will be given tips on how to select their lottery numbers more successfully. The fact that numbers and chance also play a significant role in the criminal world is illustrated by a safe which everybody can try to open, and a Russian roulette installation which can be tested by visitors – in a harmless version, of course. The difficulty of generating random numbers is demonstrated by a number of technical constructions, including slot machines and random number generators.