5,000 years of information technology

From cuneiform script to the world wide web: the world’s biggest computer museum presents 5,000 years of information technology. The exhibition includes typewriters and punched card systems as well as the C64, the first mobile phones and state-of-the-art robots. Take a journey through time across eleven areas. You will find it to be interactive, informative and entertaining. There are many things to try out. The museum is an ideal destination for children and adults alike.

If you would like a first impression of the museum, watch the video, go on a virtual tour, see highlights from the permanent exhibition or take an in-depth look at individual exhibition areas.

Numbers, symbols and signals

The mechanization of information technology

The Invention of the Computer

Hall of Fame

Office work through the ages

Computers in science and technology

Computers in business and professions

Computers for everyone

Everything goes digital

Nixdorf - decentralized data processing

Wall of Fame