Fashion Talks

9. November 2013 - 15. June 2014

What shall I wear? The clothes we put on are a decision we take every day about how and what we would like to be. Before we can say something, our clothes have already spoken. Every item we wear is a word. Every outfit forms a sentence. Fashion talks!

Fashion exists everywhere. It is the freedom we play with and the benchmark we accept or rebel against. Fashion is exclusion and inclusion. It is fast, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet and is contantly moving back and forth between 'in' and 'out'.

Fashion Talks is supplemented by a section contributed by the HNF, where prototypes and products from the "intelligent clothing" category are exhibited – including high-tech textiles for children which react to warmth and moisture.


Guided tours

You have the choice between a tour for adults and one for children.


Admission charges

Adults 3 Euro
Reduced price 1,50 Euro
Family ticket 7 Euro
Groups of 10 or more 2,50 Euro

Combined ticket with entrance to permanent exhibition:

Adults 8,50 Euro
Reduced price 5 Euro
Family ticket 15 Euro
Groups of 10 or more 7 Euro
Groups of 10 or more, reduced price 4 Euro

Entrance is free for general and vocational schools, colleges and universities, and for groups of young people on national service, both military and civilian, providing the visit has been notified in advance (service(at)

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