The history of the future – a journey through the HNF

If you’d like to get to know the history of information technology better, or prepare for – or follow up on – a visit to the museum, then you need the new museum guide: “The history of the future – a journey through the HNF”.

The guide’s 256 pages and 328 illustrations cover all the exhibit areas at the museum as well as describing topics that the exhibition only covers marginally or that cannot be practically exhibited. Here you will find articles on women working in offices, the invention of the computer mouse or the presentation of the iPhone, for instance. The museum guide is thus also a handbook on the history of information technology.

The new museum guide is now available for €9.50 in German (ISBN 978-3-9805757-7-5) and English (ISBN 978-3-9805757-8-2), and can be purchased in the HNF museum shop or at bookstores.

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