Inside Beethoven! The walk-in ensemble

From 26 February to 26 July 2020

The project “Inside Beethoven! The Walk-In Ensemble” by the Detmold University of Music will create a fascinating experience for your ears during the Beethoven anniversary year of 2020. The Septet in E-flat major Opus 20 will be played in the installation. The notes being played by the individual instruments can be followed on digital music stands. From the outside, the music will sound just the way the audience is used to hearing it. But when listeners step up to a music stand where the musician usually sits, tiny details become audible. The interplay between each individual musician and his or her ensemble partners is brought to life. Listeners will feel as though they are right in the midst of the music-making – an experience normally reserved for the musicians themselves. The music, its polyphonic structure, the sound of each individual instrument and its contribution to the entire sound become transparent. Admission is free of charge.