Bits ‘n’ Beats – Digital drumming for everyone

7 April to 5 August 2018
Admission is free

The world of drums and percussion instruments is also affected more and more by electronics. An exhibition in the foyer offers an overview of digital percussion from its beginnings up to the present, and enables visitors to try out the drumsticks themselves.

As early as the 1960s, electronic components were available to enhance traditional percussion instruments. Commercial success arrived starting in 1982 with the first completely electronic drum set, parts of which are on view in the exhibition.

By the 1970s, no disco hit was possible without a Clap Trap. You can discover this clapping synthesizer at the HNF along with modern digital tabletop drums which visitors can use together for drumming. A virtual exhibit item is the Aerodrums percussion set, which consists only of drumsticks and digital technology. It is just waiting for visitors to throw themselves into drum solos – at volumes that won’t upset the neighbours.

This small exhibition in the foyer of the HNF will accompany Europe’s largest percussion festival: Over the Whit weekend, Drums ’n’ Percussion will present 20 leading international musicians at the HNF in workshops and concerts.