Pleated trousers or frayed jeans, high heels or flip-flops – every day when we wonder 'What shall I wear today?', we are actually asking ourselves 'Who do I want to be?'. Before we can say anything, our clothes have already spoken for us, about us and even perhaps against us. The Fashion Talks exhibition explores how we deal with fashion individually and collectively, and looks at the messages we want to convey through our clothes. Who decides what is 'in' or 'out'? Why are there uniforms? What is an emo? What style codes are there in youth subcultures? Whether checked, stripes, street wear or camouflage – on over 500 sq. metres, this exhibition takes a closer look at a range of old and new fashion trends. Using such everyday wear as jeans, the exhibition not only shows how small changes in styles, patterns and finishing are transformed into codes, but also how the complex and sophisticated 'fashion' system functions. Fashion Talks offers an insight into the strategies of fashion companies and designers from creation to marketing. Visitors can also become actively involved, for instance by giving a pair of jeans an 'old look', submitting a suggestion for a new youth subculture at the 'Office for Youth Cultures', or by designing their own tartan pattern on a computer screen. 'The New' offers a glance into the future – every month, different young designers, as yet unknown in the fashion business, present their creations for tomorrow. The chronological 'Style Stones' display vividly shows just how closely the history of fashion is connected with historical developments.