Electronics production, 1970

The history of Nixdorf Computer AG

Nixdorf Computer AG (NCAG) - founded in 1952 - not only made its mark on Paderborn and the surrounding region, but also had a significant role to play in Germany’s post-war economic history. Heinz Nixdorf seized the opportunity to develop new markets in a new sector in what was a period of change for Germany’s computer industry.
In line with his user-oriented approach, Nixdorf provided tailored software and EDP training courses to accompany the hardware he manufactured. This "all-round service" gave the company a competitive edge and brought it huge success. By the end of the 1970s, Nixdorf was Germany’s market leader for mid-range EDP systems and rose to become Europe’s fourth largest computer company.

During the tour you will wear headphones and a transmitter. The museum guide will use a microphone to communicate with you. This ensures that you can hear clearly while you maintain the necessary distance of at least 1.5 metres.

General information

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Safety and hygiene measures

The best option is for you to bring your own headphones with you. All you need is a standard model, for example the ones used for smartphones (3.5-mm jack plug). Those who do not have their own headphones can purchase a pair for €1 at the HNF.

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