Man, robots! – living with artificial intelligence and robotics

Artificial intelligence and robots are playing an ever-expanding role in our everyday lives. Lightning-fast technical advances and inventions are shaping the relationship between humans and machines. In the section “Man, Robots!” visitors have been able to get to know such spectacular robots as Beppo, Pepper, Aibo and Cozmo as well as the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI). They learn how robots move about, what they see, whether they can think and feel and how they learn autonomously.

Spectacular robots

The visitors not only gain insights about the latest breakthroughs, but also can try a few things out on their own. One special highlight of the exhibition is Beppo, an industrial robot that tirelessly uses a broom to create patterns among red plastic particles. While Beppo works, it observes its environment and reacts to visitors, develops human characteristics, gets frustrated, calms down and communicates with visitors in this way.

The exhibition sections introduce visitors to technology that will shape our future and that already has a firm role in our daily lives. Millions of people use Alexa or Siri, have a robot vacuum cleaner and are looking forward to self-driving cars.

Trying out and testing

Play “Connect Four” against an AI. Test learning robots, or outfox image recognition. These are some of the new attractions in the HNF to go along with robots like Nao and Aibo. But you can experience several tried-and-true robots as well, including Nadine, PETER and PETRA, Pepper, Avatar Max and Vincent, the drawing robot.

Visitors can also discover new advances in human-machine communication, including an impressive malleable display.

A display that presents mythical robots, including C-3PO, HAL and RoboCop, takes visitors on a journey through the history of robotics.

Robots show museum visitors around

PETER and PETRA are the names of the two robots that guide visitors in the HNF to selected exhibition areas and explain the exhibits to them. In no time, the two robots have become visitor favourites in the world’s largest computer museum.