Information any time and everywhere – The information and media society

Press, radio and television defined everyday life in the 20th century. The title page of a teen magazine could contribute to creating stardom just as much as an appearance in a television hit parade. The leading news programme was “Tagesschau” on the ARD television network and football was the topic of choice in the sports programmes “Sportschau” and “das aktuelle Sportstudio”.

This exhibit area offers an overview of classical mass media. At its core is a kiosk fitted out with original newspapers and magazines of the past 70 years, including nearly forgotten German publications such as Constanze, Twen and Tempo.

Derrick and Beat-Club

An interactive installation offers a glimpse into the history of television, with scenes from old German crime shows such as “Derrick” or “Polizeiruf 110”. You can also view “Am laufenden Band” (the German version of The Generation Game), the variety show “Ein Kessel Buntes” and the music programmes “Disco”and “Beat-Club”.

Very popular with visitors is the oversized radio which plays hits since 1925 – from “Ich hab mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren” (“I lost my heart in Heidelberg”) to “Lilli Marleen”, “Yesterday” and “Dancing in the dark”. A collection of historical radios is also on display.