With microphone, mouse, and monitor: Multimedia worlds of sport

People who are unable to attend live sporting events such as the Olympic Games or World Championships in person follow them on television.The use of computer technology to impart a competitive atmosphere is demonstrated in the exhibition entrance area. Visitors are greeted by a panoramic presentation of a football stadium. But no matter how exciting the action, TV sports coverage would be dull without entertaining presenters and knowledgeable experts. Football fans are able to see whether they possess the coaching acumen of the likes of Jürgen Klopp at a tactics table at which original scenes from international tournaments are recreated. Visitors can take on the role of reporter in the blue box and present their pieces either from the original TV studio environment or »live« from the venue in question. They are also given a glimpse into the graphics technology used to show the distance to goal in live TV football transmissions or to project banners onto the respective swimming lanes at major championships.

Major exhibits:

  • High-resolution video panorama
  • Virtual TV studio
  • tvPaint HD game highlight analysis
  • Simulcam technology
  • Internet stations for the »world of sporting knowledge«