Higher, faster, farther: Optimisation of training and performance

An athlete’s training progress is nowadays determined via computer. Numerous interactive stations will provide an indication of your fitness levels.

Coordinated movements in sport can be presented graphically via motion capturing – the 3D recording of the body’s movements in real time. The HNF is presenting a new method of motion capture which does not require markers first having to be affixed to the body, as before. Start your sprint on the tartan track and then analyse your movements on the screen.

A force platform measures take-off power and coordination and is useful to top-level athletes such as synchronised swimmers seeking to achieve precise synchronicity. A body scanner calculates your precise vital statistics, which can then be used to draw up individual training plans.

Major exhibits:


  • Markerless motion capturing
  • Force platform
  • Body scanner
  • Amisco Pro match analysis
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Electronic measue of reaction time