Special area Health card

Take the first step towards the future of the healthcare processes

To simplify and rationalise Germany’s healthcare processes, health telematics and e-health will be used comprehensively in the future. The first step towards setting up a telematics platform in the healthcare sector is the introduction of the electronic health card and the electronic prescription.

This project is considered to be the biggest IT project worldwide. The Ministry of Health expects around 200,000 doctors in practice and 22,000 pharmacists to be networked with over 2,000 hospitals and some 300 medical insurance companies.

You will receive a functioning electronic health card. Test it and get a prescription at the replica of a medical practice and convert it at the adjacent pharmacy.

Major exhibits:

  • Model demonstrating the electronic prescription
  • Show wall of Gematik Gesellschaft für Telematikanwendungen der Gesundheitskarte mbH
  • Health terminal (Kiosk)
  • Emergency data application scenario
  • Web-based health record
  • Card readers
  • Data entry devices
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