Physical wellness and a healthy lifestyle

Stay fit and healthy

Alongside genetic predisposition, lifestyle is the crucial factor governing the onset of illness. This topic focuses on personal responsibility for nutrition, sufficient exercise and avoiding addictive drugs, as well as on the monitoring of risk factors and risk groups and the boundless possibilities of the internet to obtain information. Furthermore, computers and digital measurement have assumed a key role in controlling worldwide epidemics.

Major exhibits:

  • »Networked« gym; computer-aided fitness equipment (interactive treadmill, interactive exercise bike)
  • Intelligent toilet: daily health check in bathroom
  • Boxing battery: training at work
  • Sport utilities (pulse writwatch with radar support, intelligent running shoe)
  • Automated devices that check health
  • AgeScan: interactive determination of biological age
  • Biofeedback measurement and destressment
  • Information terminal offering: health, physical wellness, nutrition, general medicine, diabetes, self-help groups, self-tests
  • Medical expert systems, artifical intelligence, self-diagnosis
  • Audio stations with expert opinion, audio advisers, chat protocol
  • Spread of epidemics: computer simulations and automated measurement of temperature