Operations on the body

Experience modern therapy methods

Computer-assisted treatment allows more humane and more precise methods to be used. This is particularly important in surgical treatment and methods for treating cancer. In emergency medicine, computers make it possible to provide medical assistance faster, improving a patient’s chances of survival. The function of  damaged organs can be supported with computer technology and sometimes even replaced, increasingly on a permanent basis.

Major exhibits:

  • Modern navigation techniques
  • Da Vinci Robot: telerobot for minimally invasive surgery
  • Simulation trainer for minimally invasive surgical methods
  • Simulation and planning software in hepatic surgery
  • Implant manufacture for skull reconstruction
  • Angiography and PTCA simulator
  • Respirator
  • Newborn´s incubator
  • Heart-lung machine
  • Circulatory support and artificial heart
  • Haemodialysis device
  • Automated infusion systems
  • Ophthalmic surgery device: eye tracker
  • Radiotherapy: MRT, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), heavy ion therapy