Assistance for the body

Feel supported

Computer-based technical aids can help the elderly and disabled to retain or restore maximum independence and a healthy quality of life. Learn how computer technology can also compensate, at least in part, for loss of body functions. Test human-computer interfaces: try to move a ball with only the power of your thoughts or marvel at the communication possibilities which have been tested for completely paraplegic patients.

Major exhibits:

  • Intelligent prosthetics
  • Treadmill training with a robotic device
  • Intelligent wheelchair
  • HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) robot suit
  • Computers help in healing - man-machine interfaces
  • Life-Shirt
  • Mindball brain computing
  • Mobile phone used in remote monitoring of cardiac patients
  • Emergency mobile phone
  • Three-button mobile phone
  • Con-Trex rehabilitation device for neuromuscular disorders
  • Software program to counter special fears
  • Medicine pumps, neurostimulation systems (deep brain stimulation, spinal cord stimulation)
  • Retinal and cochlea implant