Nemesis: Are we all so easy to read?

Tour with subsequent discussion

Where we like to spend our time hasn’t been a secret for digital technologies for some time now.  There are locating services, tracking and surveillance cameras. In cities, we’ve been captured on video from every angle imaginable – in some places using facial recognition.

And through social media activities, one can quickly see where other people are located, what they like to do, who their friends are and much more.

What does this all mean for us? Are people becoming transparent?

Our two-hour program includes a tour covering artificial intelligence and electronic assistants. A focal point of the program will be our detailed examination of the installation “The Nemesis Machine” by the artist Stanza. We’ll then engage in a discussion involving the topics of facial recognition, big data, surveillance and social media. What do we disclose about ourselves? Voluntarily and involuntarily?

General information

Duration: approx. 120 minutes
Languages: German or English
Cost: € 90 plus admission charge
Group size: max. 25 persons

Advance notification is required for all tours.

Please book at least four weeks in advance.

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Phone registration: +49-5251/306-660
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