Inventors and entrepreneurs from the history of information technology

View of the Hall of Fame
View of the Hall of Fame

Against the backdrop of a cultural and historical series of images, the "Hall of Fame" presents 15 men whose commitment and inventiveness, business flair and endurance shaped information technology from its infancy right up to the development of the computer, and ultimately led to it pervading all areas of our society. They are shown in chronological order.
The display spans four hundred years, from the invention of the first calculating machine in 1623 up to the development and establishment of the computer in the 20th century. It becomes clear that many of the ideas which ultimately led to today’s information society originated way back in history.

During the tour you will wear headphones and a transmitter. The museum guide will use a microphone to communicate with you. This ensures that you can hear clearly while you maintain the necessary distance of at least 1.5 metres.

General information

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Languages: on request
Cost: Tues – Fri: € 35 plus admission charge
Sat/Sun: € 45 plus admission charge
Group size: max. 25 persons

Advance notification is required for all tours.

Please book four weeks beforehand, if possible.

Guided tours must be cancelled at least ten days before the booked date. Read more on our cancellation policy here.

Phone registration: +49-5251/306-660
E-mail: service(at)

Safety and hygiene measures

The best option is for you to bring your own headphones with you. All you need is a standard model, for example the ones used for smartphones (3.5-mm jack plug). Those who do not have their own headphones can purchase a pair for €1 at the HNF.

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