Children’s tour – talking about dough, bread and loot

We set off to follow the money. The story begins around 5,000 years ago with in-kind payments, barter, hacksilver and Dudu, the government official who keeps his eye on everything. The next stops are a tally stick and Roman money, followed by the counting house from the Renaissance. Afterward, we look at mechanical cash registers and then move on to automated teller machines.

During the tour, we will also see money. Unfortunately, it is only play money. We have a cash box filled with German marks, euros and Roman money. And at the end of the tour, you may even find a chest full of gold coins just like Pippi Longstocking…

General information

Duration: approx. 60 minutes
Languages: on request
Cost: € 45 plus admission charge
Group size: max. 25 persons

Advance notification is required for all tours.

Please book at least four weeks in advance.

For the rest, we refer to the GTC of the HNF.

Phone registration: +49-5251/306-660
E-mail: service(at)