The onboard computer of the unmanned Gemini 2 mission (1965)

Hello universe! The experience of space travel

5 July 2019 to 5 January 2020

Fifty years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the moon, this major exhibition will take visitors on their very own journey into space.

An impressive display of darkness, planets and space vehicles will welcome visitors to the 800-square-metre exhibition. The exhibition will include historic technical displays such as robots, rocket engines and control modules. In addition, a wide range of models depicting rockets and the International Space Station (ISS) will vividly show visitors how humans have journeyed into the cosmos.

A trip across the moon

The exhibition will showcase the computer technology that was used to launch our journey into space. Computers were used in space flight for the first time in the 1960s. The HNF will use digital technologies such as visual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to offer visitors a new type of space experience.

Visitors will be able to sit in a model of the lunar roving vehicle used during the Apollo 17 mission and take a virtual tour of the moon. During a VR tour, they will be able to explore the ISS and carry out a docking manoeuvre while lying on their backs in a model of a Soyuz space capsule. Visitors can also have their pictures taken as astronauts and explore the layers of a space suit with the help of an AR application.

Playground: Lunar Lander Land

Many of the interactive applications will be custom-made models that create a unique space experience as a result. A playground called Lunar Lander Land has been developed for children. Youngsters will be able to weigh planets here, create a footprint in "moon dust" and climb through a space station.

Model of the lunar module
Model of the lunar robot Lunochod 1
Model of the lunar rover
Model of the Sputnik satellite


Adults: 5 euros
Discount: 3 euros
Family ticket: 10 euros
Groups of 10 and more: 3 euros
Groups of 10 and more discount: 2 euros

Combination ticket with the permanent exhibition:

Adults: 10 euros
Discount: 6 euros
Family ticket: 20 euros
Groups of 10 and more: 6 euros
Groups of 10 and more discount: 4 euros

Return ticket: Combination tickets (except for group tickets) authorise the holder to visit the permanent exhibition a second time within 12 months of the original visit.

Groups from general-education and vocational schools, universities, universities of applied sciences, kindergartens and day-care centres are admitted free of charge by prior arrangement. Please phone +49 (0)5251-306-660 or service(at)

Closed 12.-19.08.2019!

Further Information

Exhibition area: Third floor of the HNF

Exhibition space: 800 square metres

All texts, videos and multimedia applications will be in German and English.

Guided Tours

One-hour guided tours will be offered. Further information: service(at)

At 4:15 p.m. on Sundays, the HNF will offer a free, one-hour tour of the special exhibition. The tour is free. Participants pay only the price of admission to the museum. No advance registration is necessary.

Support programme

A museum-based educational programme and a series of talks are currently being prepared.


"Hello universe!" was conceived by HNF in cooperation with space flight management at the German Aerospace Centre.

Project manager

Michael Mikolajczak, HNF
+49 (0)5251/-306-984



Alexander Ostermann, Paderborn
Christian Rakautz, Berlin
Raimund Schucht, Berlin

Design of Lunar Lander Land:

Volker Morawe, Amsterdam


Andreas Stolte
+49 (0)5251/-306-914