Live: Cipher event – who can crack the Enigma code?

07 April 2017

For the second time in 10 years, HNF and colleagues from England's Bletchley Park are bringing historic technology from World War II back to life.

Several radio messages will be encrypted with an original Enigma device and transmitted in Morse code on radio equipment used at the time. The messages are to be decrypted with the help of a reproduction of a so-called "bombe" at Bletchley Park, the former British code-breaking centre.

In the process, Alan Turing, the mastermind of the code-breaking operation, and the work of the "Bombe Rebuilt Team" led by John Harper that recreated a "bombe" in a painstaking process 10 years ago will be honoured.

Amateur radio enthusiasts in Germany and Europe are being urged to take part in this cipher event. Beginning at 9:30 a.m., they can hear the message on the 40 m band (7036 kHz, DL0HNF) and try to decode it.
People interested in the event are also welcome to watch the action live at the HNF.

The entire event will also be presented live on this page.

The decoded radio message should be sent to enigma(at)!